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If your business does business with Papua New Guinea, you can’t afford to miss this respected international event.


Vani Nades

Vani Nades

Director Operations, Emstret Holdings Ltd


In 2014 Vani launched Emstret Holdings Limited, a licensed Internet Service Provider in Papua New Guinea that aims to bring affordable, reliable internet access to the rural schools and communities.

Vani runs a charity arm of the company, called Voices for Villages Foundation, that focusses on supporting rural communities through education, health, clean water, and solar solutions.

Emstret has been awarded the Exxon Digital Innovation Small Business Award, NASFUND People’s Choice Award, and the Southern Cross University Australia Annual Alumni Entrepreneur Award.

In 2019 the company receieved the SP Entrepreneur Award at the Westpac Outstanding Women Annual Awards. Vani was selected by the Australian Government DFAT for the Canberra Women in Leadership Fellowship March 2019.

Vani is committed and passionate entrepreneurship and has opened up Little CEO Pizza Company and Emstret Space, a co-working hub for SME’s.