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If your business does business with Papua New Guinea, you can’t afford to miss this respected international event.

We would like to confirm that the 2020 Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

We’ll be back in 2021 but in the meantime watch out for our online business briefings at www.businessadvantagepng.com.


About the PNG Investment Conference

Join investors, facilitators, innovators and hundreds of PNG-focused delegates.

The conference will promote business and investment opportunities in PNG to the international business community, showcasing a wide range of industry sectors right across PNG’s economy.


View the proceedings of the 2019 conference, which took place on 19 & 20 August 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

Promoting business and investment opportunities in Papua New Guinea to a global audience


Boasting an impressive growth trajectory and abundant resource potential, PNG is considered one of the Asia-Pacific’s most promising emerging economies. The prestigious annual Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference is dedicated to the promotion of business and investment opportunities in PNG to a global audience.

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An outstanding program, including panel discussions, Q&As and case studies, all expertly curated for you by business media professionals with a close knowledge of PNG and the region.

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Featuring an unrivalled line-up of influential speakers, the much-anticipated 2019 conference will provide a forum where delegates will have the opportunity to hear from investors, innovators and facilitators, across key industry sectors, focusing on current trends and opportunities in PNG’s key growth sectors.

speaker line-up

Speaker Highlights

30 speakers over two days, featuring industry and business leaders, experts in their field and government officials

Keynote Speakers from our previous events

Mark Pesce


Bernard Salt

Managing Director, The Demographics Institute

David Thomas

China Expert and BRIC Specialist

Papua New Guinea Investment Conference Highlight Reel 2019

What they said

‘Thank you for organising this very important summit which brings different members of the development partners together to share ideas, challanges and opportunities to progress the country forward. We look forward in participating in  the next conference.’

— David Wereh, Secretary, Department of Works 


‘Presentation and speakers were high quality and this was a superb networking and learning opportunity.’

— Doug Hartley, Commercial Specialist, US Commercial Service

‘Congratulations on the successful conference in promoting business in PNG. I enjoyed it and the business networking. [The Prime Minister’s speech] was a great speech and in line with a great conference.’

— Leon Buskens, Chairman, PNG Investment Promotion Authority


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and I think you and your team deserve to be praised for a job well done.’

— Brian Kelly, CEO, Black Swan International

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