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If your business does business with Papua New Guinea, you can’t afford to miss this respected international event.


Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce



Mark Pesce is a leading futurist, author, entrepreneur and innovator. After a memorable keynote speech at our 2017 conference, he returns by popular demand to outline some of the business and investment opportunities that will arise from PNG’s improved connectivity.

Mark has also consulted to the World Bank and G20 on financial inclusion.

Mark has been at the forefront of the digital revolution for thirty-five years and is a sought-after keynote speaker for major conferences and leadership gatherings. From virtual reality to education, finance, manufacturing, transportation and communication, Mark gives individuals and organisations the tools they need to think effectively about the future, its opportunities, and its disruptions.

He is author of several books, including The New Billion Seconds. Mark now presents the award-winning podcast of the same name.



Keynote Address — Day 2 (20 August)


Watch Mark’s Keynote Presentation the 2018 Conference