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Jerry Garry

Jerry Garry

Managing Director, PNG Mineral Resources Authority


Jerry Garry was appointed as the Managing Director of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in November 2018.

The MRA is principally a government regulatory institution providing regulatory services to companies holding exploration and mining tenements in Papua New Guinea. The MRA is also a scientific institution conducting surveys and explorations to understand better the geology and mineralization of PNG. It is the custodian of all mineral and other earth sciences data in Papua New Guinea.

Jerry holds a post-graduate Honors degree in Applied Science (geology) from the University of Ballarat, Australia in 1993.

Jerry possesses over 31 years of technical, consultancy, advisory and management experiences in mineral exploration and development of multi-mineral commodities, principally copper-gold, diamond and iron ore; across Australasia, Asia, Africa, middle east including Afghanistan in positions of responsibilities as General Manager, Acting Vice President and Country Manager.

In addition, to promoting and regulating the mining industry in PNG, Jerry is driving research for deep-seated orebodies within PNG in an effort to replenish the depleting near-surface orebodies.