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Gudmundur Fridriksson

Gudmundur Fridriksson

Chief Executive Officer at Paga Hill Development Company (PNG) Ltd


Gudmundur Fridriksson (Gummi), has actively led and driven the Paga Hill project since 1996, funding operations with his local PNG management consultancy until 2005.

Between 2005 and 2012, Gummi returned to Australia to work for indigenous leader Noel Pearson, serving as Chief Executive Officer of the Cape York Institute. Following PHDC’s access to Paga Hill in 2012, Gummi returned to PNG and Paga Hill Estate is now funded through external investors and PHDC’s other business activities, including acting as a major civil works contractor.

For his extensive work in promoting PNG abroad through publications, together with his various business activities, Gummi was awarded the Officer of Logohu in 2019, and was appointed Honorary Consul for Iceland in PNG in 2023.