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Craig Lawton

Craig Lawton

Principal IoT & Smart Cities Specialist, A/NZ Public Sector, Amazon Web Services


As a Solutions Architect specializing in public sector Transport, Sustainability and Smart Cities initiatives across Australia and New Zealand, Craig Lawton is sought after by governments at all levels to provide insights into the future of cities, transport and industry.

Craig has worked across many organizations in both the public and private sectors for over 20 years including Government, Infrastructure, Retail and Financial Services. Transport, Smart Cities, Utilities, Research, Communications, Health and Environmental monitoring. He first realised how revolutionary cloud computing would be whilst writing a book on cloud adoption that ultimately transformed into the popular blog, coffeescroll.com. The next big transformation will bring together big data, IoT and artificial intelligence in new and innovative ways. And it’s happening right now.

Recent speaking engagements in 2021 include Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), CNBC Nanjing Tech Week Panel and World Smart Cities Expo, South Korea.