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Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell

Keynote speaker and Futurist


Former Chief Digital Officer at Mars, Chris is a recognised trend spotter, frequent media commentator, and digital expert with unparalleled insights into emerging trends and human behaviour.

Driven by the real world, by humanity, and by ‘the now’, Chris makes sense of the uncomfortable and challenging world of ‘the future’ and makes the case for excitement, motivation and optimism.

This obsession with the future—and ‘the now’ that shapes it—has powered Chris’ thinking, and his career, for 15 years. Having lived across the globe and working for some of the largest and influential businesses and brands on the planet, Chris has honed his ability to spot and track global patterns and unlocking opportunities in the increasingly disrupted digital world we live in.

Chris has also been Global Futures Ambassador for the Australian Federal Police and is currently resident Global Affairs and Technology Expert for Australia’s Channel Seven television network.

Watch Chris in action: