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If your business does business with Papua New Guinea, you can’t afford to miss this respected international event.


Adrian Weeks

Adrian Weeks

Senior Trade Commissioner to PNG and Solomon Islands, Austrade


Adrian and his business development team are responsible for key relationships with PNG and Solomon Island companies, Australian businesses, government departments and industry associations that operate in these markets.

PNG is unique due to its natural resource wealth and large population. These projects attract more than 4000 Australian exporters. Australia also is the main investor in PNG with investments of around $14 billion. PNG attracts Australian companies in multiple sectors such as mining, technology and digital services, agribusiness, infrastructure (water, energy & roads), building and construction materials and education.

Adrian has undertaken assignments in India, PNG and Thailand and previous was the Trade Commissioner Pacific covering the South Pacific region.

Prior to Austrade, Adrian held business development positions with Tourism Australia for twelve years based in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. He also worked for the transport company Queensland Rail.