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If your business does business with Papua New Guinea, you can’t afford to miss this respected international event.


Logan Daley

Logan Daley

Information Assurance Specialist, Data#3


Logan has 25+ years experience in the internet and communications technology (ICT) and cyber security industry. Prior to joining Data#3, he worked for IBM at Westpac in New South Wales as Solutions Architect.  Originally from Canada, Logan was a leading Senior Security and Network Architect for several large and complex projects for the Government of Canada including Defence and Financial departments.

Logan’s role at Data#3 is focused on working alongside clients to review, design, and implement secure solutions within complex and critical environments. With a passion for security and risk assurance, his key skills are risk identification, impact analysis, and developing strategies to address risks with a focus on business outcomes and objectives for our clients.


Investment Case Study: Managing the IT risk in Papua New Guinea — Day 2 (20 August)